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TIMES Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Service:
Medication Optimization Program

Our Mission

To provide Pharmacist clinical services that drive positive quality outcomes for patients and positive financial outcomes for your practice.

TIMES Clinical Pharmacy Services provides patient-centered care for those who need it most — our chronically ill population. 

We take a multi-disciplinary, patient-specific approach to care. Our clinical pharmacists engage in face-to-face meetings with patients to better understand their experiences related to their disease state. This patient-centered approach makes it possible to identify and improve sub-optimal medication therapies that result in sustainable outcome improvements.

Medication Optimization
Program Overview

The Medication Optimization Program focuses on patients diagnosed with diabetes and/or hypertension. The program looks at how patients use medications over time and considers opportunities for medication therapy and lifestyle changes with attention to adherence, indication, efficacy, and safety. 

A Clinical Pharmacist will meet with your patient once a month to discuss prognosis, goals, symptoms, and medications.

Clinical Pharmacists work towards meeting the goals of the physician’s care plan for the patient. Pharmacist’s utilize an electronic medical record system to document & communicate care management activities including: time spent with patient, medication optimization assessment, and recommendations.


Clinical Pharmacist Activities includes:

  • Document encounters (key measurements & goals) in EMR

  • Track time spent on chronic care management activities

  • Provide medication optimization recommendations


Expanding access to care

Patients are welcome to contact the Clinical Pharmacist at any time with questions or concerns related to medication therapies.


reimbursement for Medication optimization Services

Reimbursements are managed through Collaborative Agreements between TIMES Pharmacy and Health Care Providers.


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