Our program is patient-centered. We will hold classes at patient’s place of employment or at one of our TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Care Centers.

Is this program covered by insurance?

Covered 100% by most insurance.
Call us for details.

What times are the classes?

Available mornings, evenings, and weekends.

TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Care Center location

HMSA Center

Pearl City Gateway

1132 Kuala St, Ste 400

Pearl City, HI 96782

Our program is personalized. We strive to help individuals living with diabetes make lifestyle and behavior changes to reduce the complications of diabetes and improve their quality of life. 

Healthy Eating. 

Learn ways to incorporate nutritional management into daily lifestyle

Being Active.

Learn ways to incorporate physical activity into daily lifestyle


Learn how to self-monitor blood glucose levels and use the results for self-management

Taking Medication.

Learn how to use medication appropriately for maximum therapeutic effectiveness

Problem Solving.

Develop personal strategies to promote health and behavior 

Reducing Risks.

 Prevent, detect, and treat acute and chronic complications

Healthy Coping. 

Develop personal strategies to address psycho-social issues and concerns

TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Self-Management Education Program includes one (1) hour of individual counseling and nine (9) hours of small group classes.

Initial Consultation

Participants are scheduled for an initial consultation with one of our Diabetes Educators. Our Diabetes Educator will help the participant fill out an intake form and identify individual goals for the program. 

Group Classes

The group classes will follow the initial consultation, one class each week for 2 to 3 hours. The TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Self-Management Education Program uses a variety of instructional approaches to create an educational and enjoyable environment: 

Interactive presentation,
and/or a supermarket tour

  • We will cover basic diabetes education and address real-life concerns such as managing diabetes while traveling or when sick.
  • As a member of the healthcare team, our Diabetes Educators understand the importance of a complete medical record. We will forward a summary of participation with our program to participants’ healthcare provider. Participants will also be contacted for a follow-up appointment to track progress or address concerns.

If you are a healthcare provider

To refer patients to

TIMES Pharmacy | Diabetes Self-Management Education Program,
please fax completed Order Form and copy of patient’s recent labs 
to TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Care Center:

OAHU Fax (808) 832-8268
MAUI Fax (808) 661-8002

If you are a diabetes patient and would like to enroll to our program, please contact us:

doug park, cpdp1
Times pharmacy diabetes care coordinator

If you have any question regarding TIMES Pharmacy Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, please contact us:

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